Hawk Anti-theft for Android

HAWK is a remote tracking and monitoring system. HAWK remotely tracks your device in case of loss/theft. The Hawk app can be controlled by a specially formatted SMS service. 24/7


Android 2.1 ( Eclair ) or higher


Geo Locate

Hawk finds the exact location of your device with GPS, Wifi and cell tower triangulation and reports it back. You get the updated and accurate ( depending on internet availability ) report of the missing device

SMS Control

HAWK provides a SMS enabled system to control your device remotely by sending simple messages. You can configure the settings using simple sms commands. These commands won't be shown in your sms inbox.

Device Lock

HAWK locks down your device to protect it so that nobody but you can unlock it. Your data will be protected and there is no way anyone can peek into the device

Data Security

Once a device is reported as LOST, the data on your device is encrypted, and backed up to your device.

Beep My Device*

Forgot your device? Hawk will let you make your device beep until you find it.

Customized Message

Fully customizable lock screen message. Create your own message to display when the device is locked.