About Us

About us

We build digital products

At pixknot, we believe 'There is more than one way for doing things' and we at pixknot find the most the most efficient way of building software for our clients. We are obsessively passionate about our work and our mission is to help our clients in any way technically possible.

Our development team have experience with both small and large projects. Whether you want a website or a custom app with both web and mobile counterparts, we have the resources and expertise.

Pixknot is made of developers, who can work directly with the client. So when you have a problem, you can discuss this it directly with the developer and get a solution quickly.

We have agile development approach, so we constantly review, test and fix things throughout the lifecycle of the project. We seek our clients feedback to ensure that all goes in the correct direction. We encourage close collaboration with our clients during the development and test process.

Agile Development
Quality Product, Everytime
On Time Delivery
100% Customer satisfaction
Our Services

Core Technology Services

Website Development

There is no 'one design that fits all'. So we design websites keeping your business needs in mind. Every client requirement is different so is every website we build. We ensure that the websites are user friendly and works with every screen type

Designs customised for your business needs
User Friendly
Best Practices Approach
Reliable and Scalable Website Design
Mobile friendly Responsive Design
Websites backed by a CMS

Mobile App Development

Mobile application development has become the art of the century. Today mobile apps have become an integral part of life that we can't imagine smooth functioning of our everyday life without the apps. Not only in our day to day lives, mobile apps has also become a key to mastering the online sales market.

Built with latest technology stack
Reliable, Scalable application architecture
Beautifully and Creatively designed
Functionally Flawless
Seamless user experience

Game Development

Over the last few years as mobile gaming became increasingly popular. Just taking a few moments out of a busy day can rejuvenate and help us face the rest of the day with renewed vigour.

If you have a great mobile game idea and want to translate that into a mobile game just for entertainmnet or for money, our team are here to help.

Innovative Concepts
Versatility and Uniqueness
User friendly design principles
Captivating designs
Free and Freemium models

Tools & Technologies